Police organization endorses Matt Dunne

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(Host) A police organization has endorsed Democratic Lieutenant Governor candidate Matt Dunne.

The move is a switch for the Vermont Troopers Foundation. Two years ago the group endorsed Republican Lieutenant Governor Brian Dubie.

Sergeant Mike O’Neill is president of the Troopers Foundation, which represents troopers, corporals and sergeants in the Vermont State Police.

O’Neill said Dunne won the endorsement for his work in the state senate on behalf of state police.

(O’Neill) “Matt has in the Senate supported almost every issue, or every issue, that has come up that affect our members, whether it be issues of benefits, with retirement issues, budget issues within the state police, any issue that has arisen that the Vermont Troopers Foundation is looking for support on, Matt has been there.”

(Host) The Troopers Foundation has about 275 members. O’Neill said Dunne is a strong advocate of 24 hour coverage by state police. In many areas of the state, roads and interstate highways are not patrolled 24 hours-a-day.

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