Police Investigate Double Homicide

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(Host) Authorities say they have identified the victims of a double homicide in Grafton. The bodies of Gregg Enos of Brattleboro and Colleen Davis of Athens were found Tuesday in a pickup truck parked at the end of a state forest road.

VPR’s Steve Zind has more.

(Zind) Officials are urging people to lock their doors, but Captain Bruce Lang of the Vermont State Police says so far there’s no indication area residents are at risk.

(Lang) “Obviously, whenever we have anything for violent crimes like this, we are very concerned with the safety of other people. We don’t feel that we have an extreme emergency here where we have a loose killer out there looking for a bunch of different victims. But until we know better, we can’t really tell anyone one way or the other.”

(Zind) The victims were found at the end of a dirt road in a secluded section of the Mollie Beattie State Forest, just a five minute drive from Grafton village. Noralee Hall works at Daniel’s House Information Center and Caf¿ in Grafton. Hall says the secluded beauty of the spot makes it popular with equestrians, hikers, snowmobilers and high school party goers:

(Hall) “Recently, the Grafton Improvement Association has been having clean up days up there. It’s really lovely woods, right out of Vermont Life.”

(Zind) Police say they’re interested in questioning anyone who may have seen people walking or hitchhiking on Monday in the area of the crime.

For Vermont Public Radio, I’m Steve Zind.

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