Paul Krugman says it’s time to embrace the “L word”

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Paul Krugman says America is ready to re-embrace the "L Word." While being labeled a liberal may have meant a kind of death watch for politicians in recent history, the Op-Ed columnist for the New York Times argues the pendulum is already swinging back to the left.

Paul Krugman will be in Vermont this weekend to talk about his new book "The Conscience of a Liberal."

If the title sounds somewhat familiar, it’s because the late Barry Goldwater published a book called "The Conscience of a Conservative," more than 40 years ago. Krugman says he evoked Goldwater for the title of his new book very much on purpose:


Click "listen" above to hear the entire interview.


Paul Krugman will present his new book at the Northshire Bookstore in Manchester at 7 p.m. on December 1.

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