Patriots Bring Lombardi Trophy to Vermont

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(Host) Several thousand Vermonters jammed the steps of the Statehouse Wednesday to celebrate the Super Bowl victory of the New England Patriots.

When the Patriots won the Super Bowl in February, team owner Robert Kraft vowed to bring the Vince Lombardi trophy to every state in New England. His trip to Vermont was part of that pledge. Joining Kraft at the celebration were three members of the Patriots: Antowain Smith, David Patten and Richard Seymour.

As the crowd cheered, Montpelier Mayor Charles Karparis gave Kraft a key to the capital city:

(Karparis) “Mr. Kraft, as a token of the City of Montpelier’s appreciation, I would like to present you with a key to our city, home of the some of the greatest Patriot fans in the smallest and most beautiful capital city in the United States of America. I give you, Robert Kraft, owner of the winner of Super Bowl XXXVI and the world champion New England Patriots!” (Sound from cheering crowd.)

(Host) Kraft triumphantly held the Super Bowl trophy in the air and compared his team to the people of Vermont:

(Kraft) “I also think that our team in many ways represent the kind of people that live in the state of Vermont. They’re unselfish, they come together for a greater cause and they let their actions speak louder than their words¿. We want to say to all of you that this trophy belongs to you. Thank you so much for the support that you gave. Thank you!”

(Host) Following the celebration, the Patriots held a reception in the Statehouse for members of the public.

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