Parks Remain Closed Due To Flooding

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(Host) The water level on Lake Champlain is dropping a few inches everyday, but it remains at record high levels. And that means several Vermont State Parks along Lake Champlain will remain closed for the Memorial Day holiday.

State Parks Director Craig Whipple says Sand Bar, Kill Kare and Burton Island State Parks will not open as scheduled.

(Whipple) "With historic high water, there’s just no way the water will recede in time to see the damage that’s been done, or give us a chance to clean it up."

(Host) Whipple says all other state parks are in great shape to open for the holiday, including many other parks along Lake Champlain.

Whipple says the water is still too high to get a sense of the damage to the parks, but grounds will likely need work and there are a few buildings underwater.

Campers who had reservations at Burton Island have been offered space at other campgrounds in the state park system.

Whipple says he’s also grateful for the offers of assistance from the public:

(Whipple) "We’ve had lots of people come forward already wanting to volunteer, We’ll very gratefully be accepting that, but right now, it’s a little early for that, so we’ll put out a call for volunteers as the water recedes and we can assess the damage."

(Host) Officials will be posting information on new opening dates and volunteer opportunities in the coming weeks on their web page.

Vermont State Parks Website

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