Parke convinced WMDs discoverd in Iraq

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(Host) Republican U.S. Senate candidate Greg Parke says he’s convinced that weapons of mass destruction were discovered in Iraq after the United States launched its invasion in the winter of 2003.

And Parke says he’s mystified why the Bush Administration has not publicized the discovery of these weapons.

Speaking last night on VPR’s Switchboard program, Parke said there’s no doubt in his mind that there are WMDs in Iraq:

(Parke) “This is one of the things that really bothers me about the Administration. They’re not coming clean with the American people on what has been found and I’ll give you a perfect example. The Polish soldiers bought 12 Chinese silkworm missiles with verified VX gas in them.”

(Host) Parke suspects that the Bush Administration hasn’t publicized this situation in order to protect some of this country’s allies whom have sold dangerous weapons to the Iraqis.

(Parke) “One theory that I’ve heard is that they don’t want to embarrass some other allies because some of the weapons that they find are old weapons. But some of them are very very new. They can buy two different types of ak47 ammo – the old stuff that’s all corroded or stuff that’s brand new that’s obviously been manufactured in the past 6 months. Now where is that coming from?”

(Host) Parke faces Richard Tarrant and Cris Ericson in the GOP primary on September 12th.

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