One Year Later, Vermont Yankee Battles Playing Out In Court

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The only nuclear power plant in Vermont is marking an anniversary with the state that is far from celebratory.

Ten years ago Entergy Corporation purchased the Vermont Yankee plant in a deal that, as we’ll hear, was widely praised and welcomed at the time it was made.

But since then, a series of accidents, structural defects, financial disagreements and miscommunication between the plant owners and Vermont lawmakers has resulted in a bitter relationship and the legislature’s attempts to shut the plant down. That battle is still being played out in the courts.

The full story of how Entergy went from a welcomed steward to a public pariah in the view of many Vermonters is told in the book "Public Meltdown: The Story of the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant", by UVM Research Professor Richard Watts. Watts tells VPR’s Mitch Wertlieb that even though Vermont Yankee is still operating, its ties to Vermont have already largely been severed.

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