Officials Urge Roof Checks After Fourth Barn Collapses

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More snow fell over the region this weekend, this time it was wet and heavy, and that’s further straining roofs across the region.

Agricultural buildings are especially in danger of collapsing, so officials are urging people to shovel off their barns.

A number of barns have already collapsed. Officials are blaming heavy snow for a barn collapse in Londonderry that trapped nearly 100 animals and killing two cows Sunday morning.

Rescue crews were able to free all the animals other than the two cows that were killed.

A farm worker suffered minor injuries when snow from the collapsing barn fell on him.

On Thursday morning, a barn roof in Essex gave way. No one was hurt in that accident.

On Wednesday night, two barns collapsed in Putney, one at an active dairy farm. Twelve calves were killed in that incident.

Vermont Emergency management says homeowners should also be aware of the load on their roof. They say cracking and visible movement of rafters could be a sign of a collapse, but those signs won’t necessarily be there, and people should call a professional to inspect the roof if they have concerns.

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