Officials Urge Caution In Flooded Areas

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(Host) Many roads in northern Vermont have been closed today because they’re underwater or have been washed out by spring snowmelt and rainfall.

The Lamoille and Missisquoi Rivers have been causing the biggest problems. And it appears that the town of Johnson in Lamoille County has been one of the hardest hit.

Mike O’Neil is the director of Vermont Emergency Management.

(O’Neil) "Route 15 is closed through there… Mainly as a precaution because of high water coming through the bridge and the Grand Union grocery store was impacted. And the town of Cambridge around route 15 the water was completely over the road, and we’re still waiting for an update on that."

(Host) O’Neil says in most areas the water has gone down considerably since last night. He says a concern now is keeping people safe when there’s so much water on the road.

(O’Neil) "We’re urging people to stay away from moving water, and not to drive through moving water and be careful of electrical lines and those types of basic issues."

(Host) Officials say that, with more rain in the forecast, people living near waterways should prepare for further flooding.



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