Officials say southeastern electrical transmission line likely

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(Host) Utility officials say a new electrical transmission line will almost certainly have to be built in southeastern Vermont.

Vermont Electric Power Company worked with a variety of groups in the region looking for a way to avoid the need for the line.

After a year-and-a-half of looking, the company says the only alternative is an unprecedented conservation initiative.

The company says it will apply for Public Service Board permission to build the line by the end of this month.

VELCO vice president Kerrick Johnson says the company will continue looking for a way to reduce power demand while the regulators consider the construction application.

(Johnson) "If Vermonters are successful, and this is going to take Vermonters all around the state to be able to drive down that demand – but if we can we will. But make no mistake, it’s a huge challenge."

(Host) VELCO will be asking for permission to upgrade a 51-mile transmission line running between Vernon and Cavendish.

Johnson says driving down electricity demand now might help VELCO avoid the need to improve another line, which runs between Bennington and Brattleboro.

He made his comments todayon VPR’s Vermont Edition.

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