Officials Release Bald Eagle Recovery Plan

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(Host)  The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department has released a preliminary Vermont Bald Eagle Recovery Plan.

The plan would help guide the restoration and management of bald eagles in the state.

John Buck is heading up the project. 

He says that the ultimate goal is to remove the bald eagle from Vermont’s endangered species list. 

Buck says that recovery in Vermont has been slower than in the rest of the country, but that progress is being made. 

(Buck) "This year in 2010 there were nine eagle nests, that’s the most number of eagle nests  we’ve had in this state in a number of decades, along with five eaglets that fledged, which is again a high number for Vermont." 

(Host) Buck says that the public input is essential in tracking bald eagle recovery.

(Buck) "Every nest that we know about to date has been the result of people keeping a lookout for eagles and identifying where those nests are, and all of the nests are on private land." 

(Host) More information can be found on Vermont Fish and Wildlife’s website. 

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