Officials: Former school now worthless because of water damage

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Water damage sustained by the former Bennington High School and Middle School building was so severe that officials there now say it’s literally worthless.

The Board of Civil Authority, in response to a tax assessment appeal by the building’s owner, determined that the damages incurred when a sprinkler system went off, dumping up to 400,000 gallons of water in the school during a 12-hour period, have left it with no taxable value.

The building’s owner, Edward Levitt, wanted to transform the 94-year-old building into a senior housing project, but no work has been done.

Bennington Town Clerk Timothy Corcoran, who serves on the Board of Civil Authority, said he was against lowering the assessed value of the property because it also cuts the taxes Levitt has to pay on the property. He says the owner shouldn’t be rewarded for letting the building languish.


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