October 7, 2002 – News at a glance

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Portrait of a heroin addict
The heroin problem. From Brattleboro to Saint Johnsbury, communities are holding meetings to address the growing concern about the drug. Vermonters are looking to town officials, social service agencies and law enforcement for explanations and solutions. This week as VPR examines the heroin problem, we talk first with a recovering addict. (Listen to the story online or read the transcript.) (VPR)

Interview: civil liberties
Steve Delaney talks with Vermont Law School professor Michael Mello on the balance between security and civil liberties. (Listen to the interview online.) (VPR)

Sounds of Vermont: getting in the wood
The sound of chainsaws in the woods and the smell of wood smoke in the morning are sure signs that summer has ended and autumn has arrived. For those who heat with wood, its time to cut, split and stack the winter supply. (Listen to the story online or read the transcript.) (VPR)

Federal security money
A year after state emergency management officials were promised millions of dollars in federal funds to prepare for a terrorist attack, the state is still waiting for much of the money. The money would have provided advanced training to police and volunteer fire departments and rescue squads. (AP)

Women farming
A growing group of northern New England women are changing a traditional stereotype about farming. In the last decade, the percentage of farms run by women has increased by nearly 40% in Vermont and New Hampshire, and by nearly 60% in Maine. (AP)

Woodstock school fire
Vermont State Police are investigating a fire this morning at the Windsor South Supervisory Union building in Woodstock. The building, which houses the superintendent’s office, was a total loss. But classes at the nearby high school will be held today. (AP)

Sea lamprey in Lewis Creek
State and federal officials are planning to apply pesticides to a Lake Champlain tributary to kill sea lamprey. The chemicals will be added to Lewis Creek in Ferrisburgh and Charlotte tomorrow. (AP)

Burlington road project
The Southern Connector near Pine Street in Burlington will serve as a temporary parking lot for the Baird Center for Children and Families. The road was supposed to be a direct route into downtown Burlington off Interstate 189. Officials say the road could be open to traffic in three years. (AP)

Dean’s campaign schedule
CNN is calling Governor Howard Dean the “caffeinated candidate.” because of the pace of his campaigning for the Democratic presidential nomination. By the time this swing is over, Dean will log visits to eight states in eight days. (AP)

Dean in Iowa
Governor Howard Dean joined Massachusetts Senator John Kerry and North Carolina Senator John Edwards at a Democratic fund-raiser in Iowa on Friday. All three prospective presidential candidates said the potential of war with Iraq has dominated political debate. But they predicted that will change as elections draw near. (AP)

Magazine changes leadership
Vermont Magazine has two new partners who will serve as publisher and editor. Kate Fox and Joe Healy are leaving their jobs at Abenaki Publishers in Bennington to join the Middlebury magazine. Fox will replace Elisa B. Fitgerald as publisher and Healy replaces Sally West Johnson as editor. (AP)

Maple Corner calendar
The Men of Maple Corner are at it again. They’ve posed in the buff for a new calendar for 2003. This year’s models are local residents that weren’t in last year’s hugely popular version. The new calendar, which went on sale Saturday, will raise money to rebuild the Curtis Pond Dam in Calais. (AP)

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