October 22, 2002 – News at a glance

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Leahy campaigns for Racine
Senator Patrick Leahy says he’ll be lending a hand to help the gubernatorial campaign of fellow democrat Doug Racine. Leahy is expected to join Racine at a number of events in the final two weeks of the campaign. (VPR)

Drug prevention program
Senator Patrick Leahy says new legislation that reauthorizes the operations of the U.S. Justice Department will provide valuable drug prevention funds for the state of Vermont. (VPR)

Democrats’ radio ad
Republican gubernatorial candidate Jim Douglas is accusing the Democrats of using a controversial ad to divert voters’ attention from the real issues in the governor’s race. Democratic candidate Doug Racine says the charge is absolutely false and that the issues raised in the ad need to be discussed. (Listen to the story online or read the transcript.) (VPR)

Milanese returning to parish
A priest who has been under suspension by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington is returning to work. The Reverend John Milanese of Randolph was one of six priests placed on administrative leave last May because of alleged sexual misconduct. (VPR)

Banknorth earnings report
Banknorth Group is reporting record quarterly income for the three months ending September 30. The bank, which has is headquartered in Portland, Maine, had quarterly income of $76.9 million, an increase of 24% from a year ago. Banknorth also announced its stock will begin trading on the New York Stock Exchange beginning November 4. The company’s stock is now traded on the Nasdaq stock exchange. (AP)

Governor’s race
The two leading candidates for Vermont governor appear to be gearing up for the likelihood that neither will get 50% of the vote on November 5. Democrat Doug Racine is continuing to push his request that Republican Jim Douglas pledge not to bring his candidacy to the Legislature if he comes in second on Election Day. (AP)

Post-election Legislature
Both Democratic and Republican leaders are saying publicly that their party will control the Vermont Senate after next month’s election. Privately, party officials acknowledge it’s anybody’s guess which party will win a majority, or if they’ll end up in a 15-15 tie. (AP)

Vermont Yankee safety
Critics are questioning Entergy’s knowledge of safety systems at the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant. Entergy took over ownership of the plant in the town of Vernon earlier this year. The Brattleboro-based New England Coalition asked the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for an investigation into the training and qualifications of Yankee workers. (AP)

Gilman reservoir
Residents of the northeastern Vermont town of Gilman are being asked not to use the town’s water supply after a break-in at the reservoir. Authorities say the break-in occurred sometime between Sunday and Monday morning. (AP)

Pittsford post office
Vermont Environmental Court Judge Meredith Wright has turned down a proposal to move Pittsford’s post office to the edge of the village. The judge says she overturned a local permit for the project because the design would lead to traffic safety and water runoff problems. (AP)

Hardwick police
The town of Hardwick is offering $1,500 signing bonuses to new police officers who agree to stay on the job for a year. (AP)

Sunderland shooting plea
An Arlington woman accused of shooting at a car in Sunderland last week has pleaded innocent. Susan Grant’s lawyer says she’ll argue she was insane at the time of the shooting. Grant allegedly shot at a van that was carrying her relatives by marriage. (AP)

West Nile virus
Vermont authorities have confirmed a case of West Nile virus in a Franklin County man. Tests also are under way to determine whether an elderly Windham County woman had contracted the disease. Authorities say they don’t think there’s much chance for additional infections this year because the mosquito season is over. (AP)

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