October 21, 2002 – News at a glance

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Governor’s race debate
Speaking in a political debate last night in Rutland, three of the candidates for governor split over the recent congressional resolutions on Iraq. (VPR)

Peace movement
A growing number of Vermonters are turning out at demonstrations and vigils to express opposition to U.S. policy toward Iraq. Activists say many people who didn’t speak out against military action in Afghanistan are voicing their concerns about a war with Iraq. (Listen to the story online or read the transcript.) (VPR)

Winter fuel costs
The Energy Department has issued a report saying the cost of keeping warm this winter could increase up to 45% from last year. But there’s some debate over the actual impact on consumers. (Listen to the story online or read the transcript.) (VPR)

Campaign spending
The three leading candidates for governor are spending thousands of dollars on advertising in the final month of the campaign. State law requires that candidates report how much they spend on media within 30 days of an election. Democrat Doug Racine says between October 9-18 he spent more than $176,000. Republican Jim Douglas says during that same time he spent more than $66,000. Independent Con Hogan is the only other candidate in the 10-person race to report any spending; he says he spent $5,000. (AP)

Get out the vote message
Vermont election officials are hoping they can increase the number of people who vote. One of their methods is by trying to teach people how to go about casting a ballot. The Vermont Secretary of State’s office has issued a how-to video called “It’s every citizen’s right to vote. Why don’t you?” (AP)

Sea lampreys in Lake Champlain
The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department is going to start treating Lewis Creek in Ferrisburgh and Charlotte with a lamprey pesticide Tuesday. The state had to delay the treatment for two weeks because the water was low. (AP)

Organic food standards
New national standards for organic food go into effect today. The standards will govern everything from what kinds of seed can be used, to how the product can be packaged. Until now, standards for organic food have differed from state to state and even from town to town. (AP)

American Legion visit
The national commander of the American Legion says veterans need better care. Ronald Conley of Pennsylvania was in Vermont for three days last week. He says the central theme of his one-year command of the American Legion is improving the health care that veterans receive. (AP)

Arlington shooting suspect
An Arlington woman is due to be arraigned today on attempted murder charges for allegedly firing a shotgun into a van last week. Police say Susan Grant fired into a van driven by Darryl Davis of Sunderland as Davis was driving her 12-year-old son to school. Nobody was injured. (AP)

New Jersey same-sex marriage law
New Jersey’s governor is expected to support a law similar to Vermont’s civil unions. Governor James McGreevey is telling newspapers in his state that he’ll probably support a bill that would grant legal benefits to same-sex couples. That bill is expected to be introduced in the New Jersey Legislature this month. (AP)

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