October 20, 2003 – News at a glance

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Vermont National Guard stays relevant
Recently, it was announced that the Vermont Air National Guard will being patrolling the skies in the Southeastern United States. That’s a major step in the Vermont guard’s effort to stay relevant in a changing military.

Springfield prison expansion unlikely
Administration Secretary Michael Smith says it’s unlikely the Douglas Administration will seek money to expand the new prison in Springfield during the next fiscal year.

Thai elephant hospital
First it was pigs in Brandon. Now in Manchester, it’s elephants, 20 of them, made and exotically decorated by students at Manchester Middle Elementary School. The elephants stand about a foot high and can be seen in Businesses and stores around Manchester.

Interview: ‘Vermont Encyclopedia’
Mitch Wertlieb talks with historian Samuel Hand who recently co-authored the Vermont Encyclopedia.

Burlington drug re-importation
The Food and Drug Administration is questioning the city of Burlington’s proposal to buy low-cost prescription drugs from Canada for city employees. An FDA official says importing the drugs would be illegal. (AP)

Dean campaign notes
Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean says sacrifice is needed on both sides in the Middle East. Dean said he supports a two-state solution with Israelis and Palestinians living side by side while speaking to the Arab American Institute’s National Leadership Conference in Detroit, Michigan this weekend. Meanwhile Dean stepped up his attacks on the economic record of President Bush. He says Bush has been the worst president for the economy since Herbert Hoover, the Republican whose economic policies some blame for the Great Depression. (AP)

Dialysis availability
The number of Vermont patients who need kidney dialysis treatment is growing, but availability of the service is limited. That concern is being voiced by health professionals and lawmakers and is the focus of a state report due out at the end of the month. (AP)

Moose hunt begins
The state’s annual moose hunt is underway. Four-hundred-forty hunting permits were issued for the six-day season that opened on Sunday. Vermont wildlife officials expect about 275 moose to be taken this year. (AP)

Bear season continues
State wildlife officials are expecting a record bear season this year. So far 260 bears have been brought in to checking stations. That’s a dramatic increase over last year. By this time only 49 bears had been taken. (AP)

Guilford school still closed
Students at the Guilford Central School will continue their classes outside of school this week because of a toxic chemical found in the air. Last week classes took place at a local church, library, fire department and grange. The school building is expected to reopen next week. (AP)

Brattleboro mascot
A debate is brewing in Brattleboro over the high school’s mascot. Some in the community say the Colonel mascot is racist and should be retired. The town’s African, Latino, Asian, Native and American Community Organization say the school’s mascot is the same controversial Confederate the University of Mississippi just kicked off its sidelines. (AP)

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