October 18, 2004 – News at a glance

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Governor’s Race: Approaches to education policy
Two years after the No Child Left Behind law went into effect it is still hotly debated. How does this play out in this year’s gubernatorial election? As part of our series on the governor’s race, VPR’s Nina Keck spoke with the two leading candidates as well as teachers and principals to find out. (VPR)

Lt. governor candidates strategize in three-way race
As the race for lieutenant governor enters its final two weeks, the three leading candidates are mapping out the strategies that they feel will lead them to victory. (VPR)

Free Press endorses Brock
Vermont’s largest newspaper is endorsing the Republican challenger for state auditor. The Burlington Free Press says Randy Brock is “competent, trustworthy and experienced.” By contrast, the newspaper says that Democratic incumbent Elizabeth Ready has lost the public’s trust. (AP)

Chittenden County Senate race
One of the hottest of four open races for the Vermont Senate this fall is in Chittenden County. A number of candidates are seeking the seat that was held by Democrat Janet Munt, who is retiring. In total, 13 candidates are seeking Chittenden County’s six Senate seats. (AP)

St. Albans Wal-Mart proposal
The Preservation Trust of Vermont is urging Wal-Mart to build its first Franklin County store in downtown St. Albans rather than on the edge of town. Paul Bruhn says he hopes Wal-Mart will remember the idea if the company is denied permission to build outside town. (AP)

V-Tel strike deadline extended
The possibility of a strike at Vermont’s largest independent phone company in Springfield has been averted for another week. V-Tel’s 45 employees had planned to strike Monday if a contract agreement had been reached. The company has asked the union to extend its deadline. (AP)

Vehicle tax deductions
A new federal tax law could create problems for the Burlington nonprofit that donates used vehicles to low-income Vermonters. The $136billion corporate tax cut bill passed by Congress would change the way people who donate cars can deduct the vehicle on their taxes. (AP)

Pittsford land preservation
A group of Pittsford residents is working to preserve a scenic 108-acre parcel of land along Vermont Route 3. The Pittsford Preservation Commission and the Vermont Land Trust are hoping to raise $23,000 to buy the development rights of the Macomber Farm. (AP)

Chestnut trees
A Bennington nonprofit group will help reintroduce the American chestnut tree to the east coast. In a deal with the U.S. Forest Service, the American Chestnut Foundation will develop trees that will later be planted in eastern forests. (AP)

Voss buried in North Carolina
A Vermont native killed in Iraq has been laid to rest in North Carolina. Army Staff Sergeant Michael Voss was originally from Enosburg Falls, Vermont. He was killed in Iraq last week. He was 35. Voss was a 1987 graduate of Enosburg Falls High School. (AP)

Stratton murder trial
A witness for the man accused of killing 18-year-old Tara Stratton says the amount of DNA collected from the victim was not enough to ensure accurate results. Alfred Brochu is accused of aggravated murder for the January 2003 murder of Stratton. (AP)

Fatal car crash in Andover
The Vermont State Police say a 30-year-old Rutland man is the victim of Saturday’s one-car accident in Andover. Jeffrey Carfora was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash on Vermont Route 11 that happened some time before 1:30 a.m. (AP)

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