NYSDOT To Investigate Lights Out On Lake Champlain Bridge

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The New York State Department of Transportation will investigate this spring why some of the lights on the new Lake Champlain Bridge don’t work.

When the $76 million bridge opened in 2011, all of the lights worked. But now some of the lights along the walkways and arches are black.

Bryan Viggiani is a spokesman for the Department of Transportation. He says a thorough investigation will begin this spring.

"We certainly want to get up there and fix them. It’s the type of thing where we can’t do much of an investigation right now because we need the temperatures to be consistently above freezing before we can get in there and look at the wiring," Viggiani said. 

Some people have expressed frustration on social media that problems have already arisen with the new bridge. Viggiani says the transportation department is committed to fixing the lights:

"It’s driver safety for one and visibility. Obviously these things are important lights. At some level it goes into the aesthetics of it as well," Viggiani said. 

The lighting system includes 66 LED floodlights, and 276 2-foot long LED pedestrian lights on the handrails.

The bridge connects Crown Point, New York, and West Addison, Vermont. It was built after a previous bridge at the site was deemed unsafe and was demolished.

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