NRC says Vermont Yankee can extend its license

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(Host) The Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s staff has concluded that Vermont Yankee can extend its operating license for 20 years.

NRC spokesman Neil Sheehan says today’s report is a key milestone in whether the Vernon plant can continue operating beyond 2012.

(Sheehan) “The staff has devoted thousands of hours to review of the Vermont Yankee license renewal application. And at this point, they believe that the application would meet the requirements that apply to this area.”

(Host) The staff has recommended a key condition before the license is renewed.

It says Yankee should be required to prove that metal fatigue on reactor components is within safety limits.

There are still a couple more steps before Yankee wins a license renewal. A committee of the NRC has to hear evidence later this summer and the full commission also must approve.

Next year, the Vermont Legislature is expected to vote on whether to go along with the renewal.


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