November 3, 2004 – News at a glance

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Interview: Overview of state election results
Mitch Wertlieb talks with the Statehouse reporter for the Associated Press, Ross Snead, about some of the surprising results in statewide races in Vermont. (VPR)

Interview: Analysis of state election results
Mitch Wertlieb talks with political scientist Eric Davis of Middlebury College about what Tuesday’s election results mean for Vermont. (VPR)

Brock defeats incumbent Ready in auditor’s race
Democratic Auditor of Accounts Elizabeth Ready lost in her bid for a third term. Ready was defeated by Republican Randy Brock in a tough campaign marked by a controversy over Ready’s resume. (VPR)

Dubie wins majority in lieutenant governor’s race
Lieutenant Governor Brian Dubie has won a second term with a decisive victory in a three-way race. With 92 percent of the precincts reporting, Dubie had 56 percent of the vote, which will keep the race out of the Legislature. (VPR)

Douglas defeats Clavelle for second term as governor
Incumbent Republican governor Jim Douglas won a second term in office last night with a significant victory over his Democratic opponent Peter Clavelle. Douglas’s margin of victory was roughly 20 percent. (VPR)

Bennington, Windham Counties favor incumbents
Voters in the state’s southern tier opted for the familiar on Election Day in all but a very few cases. VPR’s Susan Keese has a roundup from Bennington and Windham Counties. (VPR)

Sanders wins re-election to U.S. House
Congressman Bernie Sanders swept to an easy victory against Republican candidate Greg Parke. It was Sanders’ eighth consecutive election victory. (VPR)

Leahy re-elected to U.S. Senate
Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy cruised to an easy win over his Republican challenger Jack McMullen. Unofficial returns showed that the five-term incumbent had about 70 percent of the vote. (VPR)

Voter turnout high despite weather
Voters in Windsor County were not deterred by the rain and cold temperatures as they turned out to vote in what may turn out to be record numbers. (VPR)

Voters’ sentiments on presidential race
It stands to reason that in any presidential year, the race for the nation’s top office is a major factor in voter turnout. This year many Vermont voters said it was the overriding factor. Earlier today, VPR’s Steve Zind sampled voter sentiment in Bethel, Williamstown and Waterbury. (VPR)

Vermont presidential vote
Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry took Vermont’s three electoral votes on a wave of unhappiness with President Bush and his war in Iraq. A third of Vermonters say the war in Iraq is their most important issue. Vermonters appear to see a big distinction between the war on terrorism and the war in Iraq. An exit poll found that those who felt the most important issue was the war in Iraq went for Democrat John Kerry by a margin of nine-to-one. (AP)

House races
Democrats have swept back to power in the Legislature, retaking control of the House. More than a dozen House Republicans were defeated, including the chairmen of three committees. It’s likely Democrats have captured as many as 83 House seats; Republicans are likely to end up with 60.

Senate races
Democrats have extended their already-comfortable majority in the Senate. In a close race in Caledonia County, Democrat Jane Kitchel beat Senator Bernier Mayo for one of two Senate seats. Democrats have ended with a 21-to-nine majority in the Senate. (AP)

Technical academy defeated
Voters in 23 towns have rejected a new regional technical academy in northwestern Vermont. Roughly 80,000 voters cast ballots on Tuesday. Preliminary results show about 57 percent voted against the $44 million project. (AP)

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