November 26, 2002 – News at a glance

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Interview: Vermont Route 9
Steve Delaney talks with Jim Sullivan of the Bennington Regional Commission about the effort to designate Vermont Route 9 a scenic byway. (Listen to the interview online.) (VPR)

Milk processor merger
The Vermont Attorney General’s office will investigate how a planned merger in the milk business will affect Vermont consumers and dairy farmers. (VPR)

Fresh turkey market
Turkey production has declined across most of New England, but it has become a growth industry in Vermont. That’s according to the state’s Department of Agriculture, which expects an increase this year in the sale of farm-fresh turkeys. (VPR)

Instant Runoff Voting
Supporters of an instant runoff voting (IRV) plan say they’ll urge the Legislature to adopt their proposal this winter. The plan faces a tough battle in the General Assembly and Governor-elect Jim Douglas says he’ll oppose it. (Listen to the story online or read the transcript.) (VPR)

Market assessment for new business
The city of Burlington wants to encourage businesses to open up in the downtown shopping district. A Burlington official says the city will provide free market research for retailers interested in moving to the city’s commercial area. (Listen to the story online or read the transcript.) (VPR)

Dean’s official portrait
The official gubernatorial portrait of Governor Howard Dean has been unveiled at the Statehouse. About 150 people attended the ceremony, which took place in the well of the House Chamber. (VPR)

Snowflake Bentley exhibit
Snowflake Bentley’s work is going on display this season in one of the snowiest places in the East. (AP)

Richmond House seat
A recount of the votes for the Vermont House seat from Richmond shows that the Republican won by just two votes. The count on Election Day said Curran “Spike” Robinson had beaten Democrat Virginia Clarke by four votes. Because the outcome was so close, a recount was ordered in Chittenden Superior Court. (AP)

Douglas appointments
Governor-elect Jim Douglas has a lot of working to do filling cabinet posts. And no matter how much speculation there is among Montpelier’s policy wonks and political insiders, he hasn’t made many decisions, yet. So far, Douglas has only made a few appointments. (AP)

Holiday driving
Law enforcement agencies across Vermont are teaming up to keep the state’s roadways safe this holiday season. The Governor’s Highway Safety Program is coordinating a statewide effort to educate the public and let drivers know the police will be out in force. (AP)

Bennington Ames store
The Home Depot stores chain is considering opening another Vermont store, this time in Bennington. The company is looking into taking over the lease of the bankrupt Ames department store. A spokeswoman for the home improvement store says talks are still going on with officials involved with the Ames bankruptcy. (AP)

Burlington mortgages
The nation’s largest source of home mortgage financing is trying to help boost homeownership in Burlington. Fannie Mae has committed ten million dollars in loan guarantees to the state’s largest city. (AP)

Bow hunting lawsuit
The family of a Rutland man shot and killed by another bow hunter two years ago has sued. Thirty-one-year-old Joseph Teer is accused of causing the wrongful death of Thomas Fiske in the woods of Pittsford. Both men were hunting in the woods when Fiske was shot and killed as he sat in a tree stand. (AP)

Mistaken identity
Florida Governor Jeb Bush committed a political faux pas when he sent a letter of congratulations to Vermont’s new governor — Douglas Racine. The only problem is Racine lost. A Bush spokeswoman says it was a mistake. Vermont’s real governor-elect James Douglas say it was an honest mistake. (AP)

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