November 2, 2004 – News at a glance

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Teacher prepares for deployment
Election Day means different things, at different times to different people. For Brattleboro Middle School teacher Chris Day, election day this year marks the end of classes for at least a year, and probably longer. Day is one of 730 Vermont National Guardsman recently called to active duty in the Middle East. (VPR)

Political ads inundate Vermont airwaves, target NH voters
As the campaign season enters its final days, there’s been a noticeable increase in the number of political advertisements in newspapers and on radio and television. But many Vermont media outlets are reporting only an average year for political ads. (VPR)

Inmates’ voting rights in line with Vermont history
Many Americans have had more than enough political phone calls, door-to-door visits and mailings. But a small group of Vermont voters has been virtually ignored by candidates and pollsters alike: prison inmates. (VPR)

Registration increases may not signal higher voter turnout
Some Vermont towns are reporting an increase in the number of people who have registered to vote in recent months. But one political science professor says that doesn’t necessarily mean that voter turnout in Vermont is going to be higher than it was four years ago. (VPR)

Sen. Jeffords sets state fundraising record
A Vermont U.S. Senate campaign has set the state’s all time fundraising record and the candidate isn’t even up for re-election this year. (VPR)

Election Day
The speeches and debates and campaign ads have come to a close. Now it’s the voters’ turn to speak. Vermont is expected to see a record turnout in today’s election, with the race between President Bush and Democratic Senator John Kerry the big draw. (AP)

Gubernatorial race
Peter Clavelle says he hopes he can ride the Boston Red Sox’ coattails to an upset victory in today’s election for governor of Vermont. But incumbent Governor James Douglas says he’s encouraged about the number of Clavelle’s fellow Democrats who say they’ll be supporting the Republican (AP)

Voter fraud
Federal officials aren’t worried about voter fraud in Vermont. John Conroy, an assistant U.S. attorney who heads the Department of Justice’s election division in Vermont, says the state has not had any complaints this election cycle or during the last presidential election cycle. (AP)

Hand-counted ballots
Nearly three-quarters of Vermont’s towns still count their votes by hand because using machines is too expensive. The secretary of state’s office says 176 of 241 communities use hand counts. The problem for many small towns is that a voting machine must be reprogrammed for each election and that’s an annual expense most can’t afford. (AP)

Dean: NH student vote
Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean is criticizing Republican officials in New Hampshire over a leaflet they’ve been distributing to college students. Dean says the leaflets contain warnings about legal and financial consequences of voting in New Hampshire. Republican officials reply that they’re just trying to inform students about the state’s voting laws. (AP)

Utility rate increase
Green Mountain Power signaled its intent a year ago to seek a rate increase to take effect this coming January. On Monday it made that request formal in a filing at the Public Service Board. The company wants just shy of two percent. (AP)

State hospital suicide
A patient at the Vermont State Hospital has committed suicide while away from the psychiatric facility for a day. The individual is the third state hospital patient to commit suicide in the past 14 months. (AP)

Cows to Cuba
Vermont has officially signed a contract to sell 100 cows to Cuba. The contract was signed yesterday at a press conference in Havanna at the twelfth annual Havana International Trade Fair. Doctor Gerardo Quaassdorff of the Brattleboro-based Holstein Association signed on behalf of Vermont. (AP)

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