Norwich Honors Hannah Kearney For Olympic Gold

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(Host) Today was a day of celebration in Norwich, where Olympic gold medalist Hannah Kearney got a hometown hero’s welcome.

Several hundred people crowded onto the slushy Norwich green to welcome Kearney home from the Vancouver Olympics.

(Jack Willard) "I’m Jack. And I’m 6."

(Chad Willard) "I’m Chad Willard and my kids Clare and jack are here to see Hannah. It’s pretty much a privilege to be in Norwich and have one of our hometown people win a gold medal. It’s very exciting."

(Host) The elementary school in Norwich sits across from the town green. And classes were let out early today so students could welcome Kearney.

The bandstand was decorated in red-white-and-blue bunting and a children’s pool was painted gold and hung from the bandstand to represent Kearney’s medal.

Kearney spoke directly to the students from the podium.

(Kearney) "And with all your hard work you guys can do any of those things, too, because the opportunities are here and the support is here, from your coaches to the whole community because this is the best place in the world to grow up."

(Host) Kearney won the first gold medal of the Olympics last week when she won the women’s moguls.

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