No reports of farm damage from weekend storm

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(Host) This weekend’s Nor’easter has a lot of farmers remembering the destruction caused by the last big snow storm in the state.

Following the Valentine’s Day blizzard last winter, 12 barns collapsed around the state and killed or injured more than 100 animals.

So the Agriculture Agency is advising farmers to be prepared this time.

Spokeswoman Kelly Loftus says the Agency is urging farmers to clear snow from their barn roofs.

(Loftus) “There is certainly still reason to be concerned. We just wanted to get a reminder out there to try to avoid the situation that we had in February and keep people and animals safe."

(Host) Loftus says the Agriculture Agency hasn’t had any reports of damage from this weekend’s storm.

But she says problems could crop up anytime over the next two weeks.

And she points out that it’s still early in the season – so there could be more snow later in the winter that could weaken roofs.

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