Nine cases of Legionnaire’s Disease in central Vermont

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(Host) State health officials report that two more people have been diagnosed with Legionnaire’s disease. That brings to nine the number of confirmed cases in central Vermont. Health Commissioner Jan Carney says she expects there will be more:

(Carney) “We are continuing to investigate the cases and determine whether there’s a connection among them. It’s important to point out, because there can be up to ten days between when a person’s exposed and when symptoms appear and that’s called the incubation period. And because we are actively looking for cases, we expect that additional cases may be confirmed into next week.”

(Host) At least one of the newly diagnosed cases involves a worker at the state office complex in Waterbury. Seven others who have been diagnosed live or work in Waterbury. Carney says the department has pinpointed two large air conditioning units and a hot water system at the complex as the possible source. Those systems have been cleaned and Carney says the state isn’t currently looking at any other sources of the outbreak.

Carney says she’s unable to release details about the conditions of the people who are being treated for the disease.

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