Newsrooms work through the night

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(Host) Long after voters have cast their ballots and the meeting halls are closed up for the night, newsrooms across the state stay busy, gathering results from Town Meeting Day.

The news comes in bits and pieces and becomes clearer as the night wears on. At the Caledonian Record in Saint Johnsbury, one of the big issues was a vote on a charter change to expand Australian balloting in the city.

The results came in while Editor Ellie Dixon was talking with VPR’s Bob Kinzel on Tuesday night’s Switchboard program.

(Dixon and Bob) “And here is our reporter. I can give you the unofficial results…. Oh my… oh, you’ve got a good story here – 504 in favor, 509 opposed and five contested ballots. And you’re the first to know, by the way.”

(Host) The final vote against the charter change turned out to be 512 to 506. And as midnight approached, the staff at the Caledonian Record pressed on.

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