New Signs Warn Drivers To Give Police More Room

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(Host) New signs are going up on Interstate 89 and 91 today. They warn drivers to give police and construction crews extra space – or face hefty fines.

It’s state law that drivers need to move into the left lane if there’s a police cruiser, ambulance, tow truck or highway maintenance truck pulled over on the interstate with its emergency lights flashing.

State Police Colonel Tom L’Esperance says drivers have already been ticketed.

(L’Esperance) "There is a lot of enforcement. We’ve written over 1,000 tickets in the last couple of years related to this violation."

(Host) Each ticket carries a $243 fine and five points on a drivers’ license.

The signs are being erected at the U-S-Canadian border on both interstates, and in the Burlington and Montpelier areas.

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