New power plant proposed for Hinsdale, NH

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(Host) The Connecticut River town of Hinsdale, New Hampshire is considering a proposal for a 40 megawatt, wood-burning power plant. The $90 million complex would include a construction and demolition processing facility.

The developer, GenPower of Needham, Massachusetts, is proposing to burn a 70-30 mix of forest products and debris. That’s according to Hinsdale Select Board Chairman Michael McGrath.

(McGrath) “We don’t have all the information yet. They haven’t gone to the state with their emission control applications. But once we get all the information, it could be a wonderful opportunity for the town, in my opinion. We haven’t drawn any industrial here probably in the last 25 years.”

(Host) Supporters say the plant would bring jobs and tax revenues to Hinsdale’s sagging economy. A formal plan has yet to come before town planners but detractors have already sent out one mailing opposing the plant on environmental grounds.

The complex would be about a mile from the Connecticut River and about two miles from the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant in Vernon.

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