New law forces regular elevator inspection

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(Host) All elevators in Vermont will be subject to new safety standards and annual inspections under regulations that are expected to go into place at the beginning of September. Under the plan, Vermont’s roughly 3,000 elevators will be licensed by the state and older elevators will need to conform to new national fire safety standards.

Robert McLeod, who is the director of the Vermont Occupational Safety and Health Administration, says the new regulations were mandated by the Vermont Legislature during the 2001 session. McLeod says most elevators are inspected by their manufacturer on a monthly basis, but some are not and the new law will insure that all elevators meet basic safety criteria:

(McLeod) “When you consider the purpose of an elevator and what could happen if one failed, it’s really good to have them looked at monthly so they’re maintained regularly by people who are very competent. And this will just assure that everyone one of them are inspected once per year.”

(Host) VOSHA will hold a public hearing on the new regulations in the middle of next month.

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