New Hampshire voters deciding in tight races

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(Host) It’s unusual for New Hampshire to be in the political spotlight at any time after the nation’s first presidential primary is held there early in the year.

But this year, the political buzz is still strong in the Granite State a week before Election Day. In part that’s because the Presidential race between John Kerry and George Bush is very close in New Hampshire. Guy McMillan, who writes editorials for the Keene Sentinel, says there’s another reason as well.

(McMillan) “We have a really hot race for Governor. We have a multi-millionaire businessman who is running against our multi-millionaire businessman Governor. They have been dueling it out on television, they’ve had quite a few debates, they’ve put out an awful lot of advertising, and it really is a very close race. Surprisingly the Democratic challenger, a man named John Lynch, is giving Craig Benson a run for his money, literally. That is a race that a lot of people have their eye on.”

(Host) Guy McMillan of the Keene Sentinel says the presidential and gubernatorial races are too close to call. But he but predicts that Republican Senator Judd Gregg will beat his challenger, 94 year-old Doris Haddon. She’s the campaign finance reform advocate known as Granny Dee.

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