New Hampshire recount finds few changes

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A re-count of about 40 percent of the ballots in New Hampshire’s Democratic presidential primary closely tracks the results reported on election night.

The ranking of the candidates did not change. Election officials say where there were changes of more than a few votes and human error was the cause.

The secretary of state released the re-count results yesterday.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich sought the re-count based on different voting patterns in machine-counted precincts and hand-counted ones. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton generally beat Sen. Barack Obama where the votes were counted by machine, but mostly lost to him where votes were counted by hand.

Experts say the difference in voting patterns between machine- and hand-counted precincts dates from at least 2000 and is not due to fraud.

In the re-count area, Clinton and Obama both lost a tiny fraction of 1 percent of their votes. Clinton remained on top, 39 percent to Obama’s 37 percent.

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