New Hampshire Democratic re-count to start today

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Election officials are set to begin re-counting New Hampshire’s Democratic presidential primary ballots this morning.

Secretary of State William Gardner says his office has received $27,000 from Ohio Democrat Dennis Kucinich to pay for the start of the re-count.

Kucinich received less than 2 percent of the vote. He says he’s suspicious of the results, although he doesn’t expect a re-count to change his vote count much.

Kucinich has asked the re-count start with Manchester ballots and spread out to other Hillsborough County precincts. He can stop the re-count at any time and get a refund for the balance of the costs. To re-count the entire state would cost him about $70,000.

Republican Albert Howard of Michigan has asked for a re-count of the GOP primary but has not paid for it yet.

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