New Hampshire added to presidential battleground states

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(Host) Political analysts have added New Hampshire to the list of battleground states in the Presidential election.

Dartmouth College political scientist Linda Fowler explains why the traditionally Republican state is in play this year.

(Fowler) In 2000, George Bush won the state, but it was 49 to 48. Bush’s margin over Gore was only 7,200 votes and Ralph Nader got over 22,000 votes, so the Democrats are going to be here en masse because they don’t want Nader to get that many votes this time, and the Republicans know that they have to turn around a very weak performance by Bush. Bush lost heavily to John McCain in the New Hampshire primary, so, New Hampshire, which is a Republican state right now, has not been Bush country.

(Host) Dartmouth College Professor Linda Fowler says Bill Clinton carried New Hampshire in his last campaign, and that the state’s tilt this time depends on how the 10% of undecided voters move between now and Election Day.

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