Movie Explores War On Drugs

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A movie with Vermont-ties about America’s War on Drugs will be shown this week with a question-and-answer period after.

"The House I Live In" was directed, written and produced by Vermonter Eugene Jarecki.

The film tells the story of individuals involved in the drug war, including inmates, law enforcement professionals and their families. It was filmed in 20 states including Vermont.

Vermonter Derek Hallquist was the director of photography. He says working on the movie made him realize that no one is immune to the problem.

"You have to sort of reach out as a community member to these people and include them in your life and your interactions day to day because, by not including them as a first step as putting and casting people out into society as an other and it makes it even harder for them to deal with life day to day and often times it just helps continue their drug abuse or make it easier to make that decision to start using," Hallquist said. 

"The House I Live In" will be screened Wednesday night at the Black Box Theater at Main Street Landing in Burlington, and will be followed by a panel discussion.


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