Moretown Landfill Denied Expansion Permit

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(Host) One of Vermont’s two landfills is near capacity, but the state has denied a request to expand the facility.

The owners of Moretown Landfill Incorporated say that the expansion could have extended the life of the waste facility by 25 years.

But in a decision this week, the Agency of Natural Resources said the proposed expansion was too big, and that it could threaten the environment, harming streams and other wetlands nearby.

The landfill sits near the Winooski River in Moretown.

Zak Griefen is a Montpelier attorney who represents some neighbors opposed to the expansion project.

(Griefen) "All landfills in Vermont are required to comply with the solid waste management rules. And those rules are intended to protect public health."

(Host) Griefen says the owners of the landfill recognized that they didn’t meet Vermont’s requirements. But they were asking the state to waive the public benefit of shielding against ground water contamination.

(Griefen) "The state correctly decided not to grant the variance to Moretown Landfill, Inc., and required them to comply with the rules by either finding an alternate site or coming back with a new application that meets the requirements of the rules."

(Host) The owners of the landfill haven’t decided what they’ll do next. They say they may appeal the state’s decision.

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