More Towns Approve PACE Program, Questions Remain

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On Town Meeting Day, the Property Assessed Clean Energy district program, thankfully better known as PACE, grew in size, with 23 more towns voting to take part in the program.

PACE allows homeowners to borrow money for energy efficiency or renewable energy improvements. The loan is then paid back to the town through property taxes.

Of course, any time taxes are mentioned, controversy is sure to follow, and the PACE program is not without its critics. Danville voters rejected the measure, and others did as well while saying they would study and consider the program next time around.

Peter Adamczyk is Energy Finance and Development Manager at the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation, which administers the program. He spoke with VPR’s Mitch Wertlieb and Efficiency Vermont’s Carol Weston, who will help implement PACE for the towns that have signed on.

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PACE in Vermont

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