More diseased bats found in southwestern Vermont

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(Host) More diseased bats are being reported in southwestern Vermont.

Biologist Scott Darling says the Fish and Wildlife Department investigated a new area after getting a flurry of reports that bats have been seen flying around.

(Darling) “On Friday we documented another site in the town of Pownal that is a cave that we have actually never visited for a bat survey in the winter. And, yet, clearly that site has white nose syndrome. For those in the Bennington, Pownal, Shaftsbury region it is likely that site that explains why that part of the state has had so many observations, as well.”

(Host) Bats typically aren’t active in the winter. They’re normally still hibernating in caves.

But thousands of them have been seen this year and most of them are dying. Scientists haven’t figured out what’s killing them.

Many of the bats appear to have a white fungus around their noses and mouths, which is why the disease is called “white nose syndrome.”

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