Montpelier group to help reduce greenhouse gases in China

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(Host) An international group based in Montpelier will help an industrial area in China reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

Vermont’s Institute for Sustainable Communities will use four million dollars in grants to share ideas and technology.

George Hamilton is president of the institute.

(Hamilton) "It’s a comprehensive program that’s designed to advance energy efficiency, environmental health practices among a number of different sectors. And we think this kind of comprehensive approach will result in more lasting solutions.” 

(Host) The institute will work in Guangdong, a southern province where China first experimented with the market economy.

Hamilton says officials in the province want to learn what energy efficiency and environmental cleanup strategies have worked elsewhere in the world.

(Hamilton) "The idea is to share those expertise so they can develop the capacity to solve their own problems. Guangdong has about 100 million people. They have more manufacturing jobs than the United States. So if we can help them use resources more efficiently, energy and water, as well as reduce some of their greenhouse gas emissions, we’re going to have a significant impact on the global environment.” 

(Host) A delegation from the Guangdong Economic and Trade Commission is in Vermont touring a number of businesses in the state that work in energy efficiency. Hamilton says the programs in China will begin within the next few weeks.

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