Montpelier Arts Organizations May Get New Home

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(Host) A group of Central Vermont arts and education organizations may soon have a new place to call home.

A consortium of non-profit institutions is in the process of buying the former Saint Michael’s School building in Montpelier, which closed in 2009.

Among the participating groups are The T.W. Wood Arts Gallery, the Monteverdi Music School, the Summit School of Traditional Music and River Rock School.

Stephen Falbel is a board member of the Monteverdi Music School. 

He says the goal is to create a major cultural center in Vermont’s capital city. 

(Falbel) "The idea of a permanent home for these organizations is very attractive, and the fact that they’d all be focused in one location and allow for collaboration between these organizations is also very exciting."

(Host) Falbel says the building could also serve as a resource for the many artists living in Central Vermont. 

(Falbel)  "We’ve also heard from the community that there are a number of artists and musicians who’d like to have studio space outside of their own home, and there would be spaces available for that, and to have the proximity of those individual spaces to this larger art center is also valuable."

(Host) Falbel says the groups hope to unveil the arts center this fall.

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