Missing Eagle Returned to Falconry School

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(Host) "Elsie" the eagle has landed. The tawny eagle that flew away from the British School of Falconry in Manchester last week was discovered this week near Bromley Mountain. Her rescuer was John Gage, of Peru, Vermont, who spotted the 19-year-old bird on the side of the road. According to Scott McNess, an instructor at the school, Elsie was very cooperative during the rescue:

(McNess) "He said she was quite calm, she stepped onto his arm, and he got into his van with her, he had a tool box on the passenger seat of his van, and he sat her on that, she just stepped onto it, and rode quite happily with him down to here. It’s amazing, she just sat quite calmly looking out the window."

Elsie disappeared last Friday while being exercised in a field. She appears to be in good health, although she’s lost a little weight. John Gage will collect the $1,000 reward that had been posted by the school.

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