Milton representative proposes from the House floor

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(Host) An unusual event took place on the House floor Wednesday afternoon. During afternoon announcements, Milton Representative Doran Metzger introduced his girlfriend to his House colleagues and then Metzger dropped a bombshell:

(Metzger) “My girlfriend Elaine is here for the week and she keeps asking me, Why is she visiting while we are still in session? She wonders, Why she is here on a weekend that I have National Guard duty? She asks, Why do I have so much time planned for her with the relatives? She also made me promise today not to refer to her as Captain or Doctor during announcements. So Mr. Speaker, I am going to ask her to let me refer to her today as my fianc e. I would like to ask her to marry me.” (Assembly applauds)

(Host) House Speaker Walter Freed was the first to congratulate Metzger:

(Freed) “Member from Milton, that’s probably the sanest and certainly the sweetest thing you’ve ever done since you’ve been here. Congratulations!” (More applause.)

(Host) That was Speaker Freed congratulating Representative Doran Metzger, who proposed to his girlfriend from the floor of the Vermont House on Wednesday.

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