Middlebury Brewery Resumes Operations After Explosion

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(Host) Otter Creek Brewery in Middlebury is expected to resume full operation Tuesday afternoon despite an explosion Monday morning.

Otter Creek personnel say a fermenting barrel was over-pressurized, causing a 40-barrel tank to rupture.

No one was hurt but the brewery says the force of the explosion tipped the tank, spilling all of its contents.

Daniel Fulham is the finance director at Otter Creek. He says the brewery is now finishing repairs and performing a rigorous safety audit.

(Fulham) "When that’s done we’ll fire up the brewing operation but the bottling and kegging has been underway since first shift this morning. We’re just looking forward to the brew house coming back online later today. "

(Host) Fulham says the financial losses caused by the explosion will be significant, but beer aficionados need not worry – there’s an adequate supply.


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