Midday Report: Monday, March 1, 2004

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Top stories developing across the region at the noon hour:

Some communities are holding Town Meeting on Monday rather than Tuesday; Marlboro discusses the town evacuation plan; thirteen historic preservation grants were announced today (see list below); Governor Jim Douglas is spending most of the day visiting businesses in the Springfield area.

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Historic Preservation Grants

Sudbury Meeting House, Sudbury – $15,000 for steeple restoration

Baptist Building, Fairfax – $15,000 for slate roof replacement

Village Foot Bridge, Northfield – $15,000 for structural repair

Grand Isle Lake House, Grand Isle – $10,200 for porch, foundation repair

Wallingford Town Hall, Wallingford – $10,000 for window restoration

Shard Villa, Salisbury – $15,000 for stone repointing

Old Meetinghouse, Sheffield – $950 for sill and clapboard repair

Lunenburg Town Hall, Lunenburg – $10,000 for foundation repair

Union Christian Church, Plymouth – $12,150 for roof replacement

Middlebury United Methodist Church, Middlebury – $15,000 for trim and repointing

Windsor Public Library, Windsor – $12,500 for chimney and repointing

First Baptist Church, Manchester Center – $15,000 for roof and structure repair

South Vermont Recreation Center, Springfield – $15,000 for roof replacement

$160,800 Total

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