Midday Report: March 22, 2007

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Vermont is joining six other states asking the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to think more about terrorism when deciding whether nuclear power plants should get license extensions; Green Mountain Dairy family farm in Sheldon becomes the third farm in the state to join Central Vermont Public Service’s (C.V.P.S.) Cow Power program, which converts manure to energy, and uses the remaining waste for a variety of farming needs; C.V.P.S. also announced today that it’s been named among four finalists for the Edison Award, the highest honor in the utility industry; Vermont’s maple sugarmakers are keeping a close eye on the weather this week, hoping favorable conditions might compensate for a late start to the season; the historic Equinox Resort and Spa in Manchester has been sold for the third time in ten years, this time to Connecticut based H.E.I. Hospitality.

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