Medicare Program Gets Boost

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(Host) A Vermont program that helps Medicare recipients to understand their bills and detect any errors just got a boost from the federal government.

A $50,000 grant to the Community of Vermont Elders is part of the Obama administration’s effort to prevent Medicare fraud.

Sheila Burnham is Director of Operations for the Community of Vermont Elders, or COVE. She says the program has run the Senior Medicare Patrol project since 2003.

(Burnham) "And it’s really, the reason for the program is to educate – so people will be able to, beneficiaries will be able to read their statements, understand what’s being billed, and be able to detect any error, fraud or abuse."

(Host) Burnham says the new money will allow the program to grow and branch out with increased educational outreach across the state.

The grant was one of more than 50 awarded to similar programs throughout the country.

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