Medical Team From Upper Valley Helps Rebuild Haiti’s Capacity

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(Host) Nurses and doctors from Dartmouth traveled to Haiti last year after a deadly earthquake.

Their work then was dedicated to treating the immediate trauma caused by the tremor.

They’ve returned now, but their work has changed as the recovery from the catastrophe continues.

The Valley News newspaper in West Lebanon, N.H., told the medical team’s story last year. A reporter and a photographer from the newspaper have gone with them again this year.

VPR and the Valley News are sharing their story in a series called Return to Haiti.

To record the doctors’ and nurses’ work, reporter Gregory Trotter and Jason Johns have gone on medical rounds and even into the operating room, where the Upper Valley doctors are caregivers and teachers.

Joining us now by phone is photographer Jason Johns of the Valley News. He explains what’s changed since Upper Valley medical professionals first visited Haiti last year.

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