McCormack Will Not Seek Re-election

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(Host) Another member of the Vermont Senate Democratic leadership has decided to retire from politics. Windsor County Senator Dick McCormack announced on Wednesday that he will not seek a seventh term in office in November.

McCormack, who chaired the Senate Natural Resources Committee, is the fourth Democratic senator to leave the Legislature. Others include Senate President Pro Tempore Peter Shumlin, Health and Welfare Chairwoman Nancy Chard and Education Chairwoman Jean Ankeney.

McCormack, who has just received a Masters degree from Vermont Law School, says he wants to pursue a full time career working to protect the environment:

(McCormack) “I’d like to get a more interesting lucrative job. It’s very hard to do that. You say, ‘By the way, I won’t be here six months a year.’ It’s sort of a price we pay for a citizens’ Legislature and I think it’s actually, on balance, okay. I think it’s good for the state that we have a citizens’ Legislature. It’s good for the state that we don’t have full time legislators. But the price we pay for that is that we do have to eventually give a little bit of attention to our non-legislative lives.”

(Host) While four of the sixteen Democratic members of the Senate are not seeking re-election, only one Republican, Franklin County Senator George Costas has announced that he is stepping down this year.

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