Mayors Of Seven Vermont Cities Endorse Shumlin’s Re-election

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A tripartisan group of seven of Vermont’s eight mayors gathered at the Statehouse to endorse incumbent Democrat Peter Shumlin’s re-election effort.

The group includes Democrats, a Republican, a former Republican and an Independent.

Republican Thom Lauzon is the mayor of Barre City and two years ago he endorsed GOP candidate Brian Dubie.  He says Shumlin has addressed many of the concerns of his community and Lauzon says it’s a mistake for the Republicans to be running a candidate in the gubernatorial race this year.

"I felt the governor was doing a great job I thought we should be concentrating on other areas I felt we should be concentrating on the Senate and the House," said Lauzon. "I think Randy is absolutely a fine man but I think quite frankly this was an ill advised campaign and people are going to spend a lot of money to try to replace a leader who doesn’t need to be replaced."

Paul Monette is the Independent mayor of Newport City. He says he would never had considered endorsing Shumlin a year ago but he says he’s changed his mind because of Shumlin’s efforts to create jobs in his region of the state.

"Too long in our area people always felt, ‘Well, the state focused on the larger communities.’ Like no offense against Burlington but they always focus on Chittenden County," said Monette. "But we really feel now that they’re really focusing on our area and so that’s why I’ve really turned around on that aspect. I feel he’s reached out to all communities."

The only mayor not to endorse Shumlin is Michael Daniels of Vergennes. Daniels works for the state and he says it would be inappropriate for him to get involved in the gubernatorial race.

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