May 8, 2002 – News at a Glance

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Act 60 Sharing Pool
House and Senate leaders say they’re hopeful that they’ll be able to reach a compromise on an Act 60 reform bill, but it’s clear that disagreements over the future of the sharing pool will be the major issue of dispute between the two chambers. (VPR)

Police Shooting Documents
The widow of a Burlington man killed by police last fall wants the state to release documents from its internal investigation of the incident. State and local police shot Eilisei Borlovan last September after he reportedly refused orders to drop a weapon. (VPR)

Misdemeanor Arrest Bill
The Senate late Tuesday afternoon gave its approval to legislation that expands the number of crimes that an individual can be arrested for without a warrant. But the bill does not go nearly as far as a proposal passed by the House several months ago. (VPR)

Vermont Jazz Center
Jazz has evolved in part through an institution known as the jam session, in which musicians gather to improvise and play. That tradition is still thriving at the Vermont Jazz Center in Brattleboro, where musicians and fans come together every Wednesday for the weekly jazz jam. (VPR)

Last month, the federal government approved the marketing of Botox as a treatment for wrinkles and frown lines, and the drug’s popularity has skyrocketed. VPR’s Steve Zind set out to discover whether there’s an increased interest in Botox in Vermont. (VPR)

CVPS Rates
Central Vermont Public Service, the state’s largest electric utility, says it wants to avoid rate increases for the next four years. Some critics say the utility should be offering rate cuts. (VPR)

Hardwick Teachers May Strike
Hazen Union High School voted unanimously to strike tomorrow if contract mediation with school board fails. The union says that experienced teachers are not paid adequately. (AP)

Mandatory Kindergarten Age
The Legislature needs more time to study a proposal that would set a uniform age at which children may enter kindergarten. The proposal to require children to be five years old will not be acted on in this legislative session. (AP)

Licensing Fees
The Vermont Senate voted last night to increase fees charged by some agencies, including the Liquor Control Department and the Environmental Conservation Department. The extra fees would raise a total of $2.5 million that would support the state budget. (AP)

Medical Marijuana
The Senate and House are in disagreement on a medical marijuana bill. The House approved a bill that allows the use of marijuana to treat symptoms of diseases such as cancer and AIDS, as long as the user has a certificate from a doctor. The Senate is considering a narrower bill that would allow an ill person arrested for using marijuana to use that illness as a defense in court.

Bennington Battle Monument
The Vermont Senate would like to see the Bennington Battle monument bathed in light. The Senate wants to seeks the approval of the village of Old Bennington before moving forward with the proposal. The Senate has set aside $5,000 to study the idea. (AP)

VPA Director Retires
Scott Blanchard, executive director of the Vermont Principals’ Association, announced he is retiring next summer. In addition to Blanchard’s retirement, two other top position in the organization will be opening in the next year.

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