May 3, 2002 – News at a Glance

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Interview: Election Primaries
Steve Delaney interviews attorney Paul Gillies on the purpose of primary elections. Gillies is the former deputy secretary of state. (Listen to the interview online.) (VPR)

Medicinal Marijuana
Confusion surrounds legislation that would allow people with chronic illnesses to use marijuana for pain relief. A group of Senate leaders has drafted a compromise that they say Governor Howard Dean will support but Dean says he is not ready to take that step. (Listen to the story online or read the transcript.) (VPR)

Ethan Allen Woodworkers
The Ethan Allen furniture company laid off more than 200 people this week at two plants in Vermont. Yet despite the bad news, some of the company’s former workers hope to re-open a manufacturing plant in Island Pond. (Listen to the story online or read the transcript.) (VPR)

Domestic Violence Fatalities
Dean signed into law a measure that will review all domestic violence fatalities in Vermont. In the past 11 years, 53% of all homicides in the state were related to cases of domestic violence. (VPR)

Dean’ Schedule
Governor Howard Dean says he’s appealing a lower court decision that calls on the governor to make his entire daily schedule available to the public. Several newspapers claim that the details of the governor’s schedule should be released under Vermont’s Right to Know law. (VPR)

General Dynamics Expansion
General Dynamics, which operates a weapons manufacturing plant in Burlington, has bought a Georgia company that makes products found on many U.S. fighter jets and helicopters. (VPR)

Legislative Calendar
The Vermont Senate is trying to adjourn by May 18 but the target date may slip. The House and Senate still need to reconcile the budget and several other pieces of legislation.

Champlain Flyer Reduced Fare
Passengers on the Charlotte-to-Burlington Champlain Flyer train may ride for a dime today as part of a promotion for alternate transportation. (AP)

College Costs
A new survey says college costs for public institutions are rising faster in Vermont than the state’s increase in median incomes. (AP)

“Weekend of Hope”
More than a thousand cancer patients and families will gather in Stowe this weekend The second Weekend of Hope event is sponsored for patients and cancer survivors. (AP)

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